Corporate Social Responsibility

Health and safety

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System, established at LFoundry according to ISO 45001:2018 standard is periodically assessed and recertified by a Third Party. The company’s performance on these disciplines exhibits the effectiveness of preventative and protective measures we adopt to safeguards and protect employees, visitors and contractors from the occupational risks as well as those risks associated with eventual emergencies. For more details about the Health & Safety programs click here to take a look of the H&S Policy at LFoundry.


The Security Management System in LFoundry, according to intents of its security policy, is intended to “safeguard people, information, goods and business continuity, guaranteeing an environment that infuses trust to investors, suppliers and customers.”
LFoundry is deeply committed in the protection of the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of Information, Goods, Process, Material and Product. Its aim is to reach this goal through the suitable use of technologies, methods, and trained personnel.

Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors approved the LFoundry Code of Ethics on April 29 2014 believing in the importance of clearly defining the values and principles that guide LFoundry’s activities in the market.
The complexity of the market situation in which LFoundry operates, the challenges of sustainable development and the need to take into account the legitimate expectations of all Stakeholder, strengthen the need to clearly define values and responsibilities recognized, accepted, agreed and undertaken by the Company.
Code of Ethics, being of paramount importance the observance thereof by Directors, Auditors, Managers, Company’s Employees and other Companies pertaining to the Group, as well as by all those operating in Italy and abroad, within the limits of their duties and responsibilities, for the achievement of Company’s goals.
The ethical principles inspiring LFoundry - and from which its models of conduct derive - in order to effectively and fairly compete in the market, improve the satisfaction of its customers, increase the value and develop People’s skills and the professional growth are following:

  • compliance with the laws;

  • ethics, fairness, professionalism;

  • Impartiality;

  • People's honesty;

  • transparency and completeness of the information.

These are the values that characterize LFoundry and determine its conduct in both internal and external relations.

For any signalling, you can contact the Supervisory Body (OdV):



The Environmental Management System established at LFoundry according to DIN ISO 14001:2015 standard is periodically assessed and recertified by a Third Party; this exhibits the effectiveness of systems and methods we adopt as well as the continuous commitment for the environment as proof of consistent compliance to regulations and achievement of significant results in reducing the use of natural resources, energy consumption, raw materials and chemicals, disposal of wastes and employees transportation. For more details about the environmental programs click here to take a look of the Environmental Policy at LFoundry.

Major Accidents

The company complies to a dedicated Policy for the prevention of Major Accidents defined by to the “Seveso” Directive 2012/18/UE which applies for the Plant in Avezzano. This Policy is fulfilled implementing the Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems and guaranteeing a continuous improvement program to conduct operations as well as maintain and design our systems and plants. Click here for the Policy document in Italian.
Further information about dangerous substances and assessments about major accidents scenarios at the Avezzano site are available through the ”Modulo di notifica e di informazione sui rischi di incidente rilevante per i cittadini ed i lavoratori”.
Click here for the above document in Italian.

Hazardous Free Substances

The Hazardouse Substance Process Management is established at LFoundry according to IECQ080000:2012 standard principles. We are committed for the reduction or elimination of Hazardouse Substances from our manufacturing process and in the customer product. For more details about the LFoundry’s HFS program click here to take a look of EHSS Policy at LFoundry.


Energy Management plays a key role in support of our plans to maximize profitability, strengthen our competitive position, and provide customers with the highest quality products through Best Key Methods implementation (BKM) which allow LFoundry to be a benchmark company in terms of rational use of energy, increasing the efficiency of energy production and utilization process management of the main sources of energy through a solid management of conventional and innovative activities and projects, while maintaining the conformity with law and code
The energetic screening arranged in compliance with the guide UNI CEI 16247, LFoundry strives to:

  • Maximize its energy performance, reducing operating expenses and increase shareholder value by actively and responsibly managing energy consumption;
  • Demonstrate commitment to our community and leadership in our industry, by reducing environmental impacts associated with energy use;
  • Identify strategic project to achieve energy management mission.

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