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Study on analytical recovery capability for metal elements from silicon wafer surface by VPD/ICP-MS

  • Working area: R&D
  • Facility: Avezzano (Italy)
  • Job time: internship/thesis

Optical performances of CMOS imagers can be affected by contamination caused by several elements found, even if in extremely low concentration, in semiconductor production environment.
In particular, contamination by noble elements like, for example, Gold or Silver, is extremely critical since these elements have a very low migration rate in the silicon, so they are not easily segregated into the gettering sites. They remain electrically active, and contribute to the so called “hot pixel” defects.
Unfortunately, the noble elements are also very difficult to be effectively detected by VPD/ICP-MS, the technique traditionally and successfully used to detect most of the other elements (like Fe, Cr, Ni, Na, Ca...).
In fact, the chemical mixtures typically used to dissolve noble metals (like Aqua Regia) are very aggressive to the silicon substrate as well, damaging the wafer surface and making recovery by the automated equipment used for this technique (VPD) very difficult and not reliable.
In order to allow the implementation of routine analysis for the full elemental range of interest, alternative chemistries should be defined (through theoretical modeling and analytical test confirmation), capable to assure acceptable analytical recovery for noble elements and the other common elements at same time.

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  • Working area: R&D
  • Facility: Landshut (Germany)
  • Job time: Full Time

The Senior Device Modeling Engineer develops the models for the simulation of the device behavior that allow the analog and/or digital designer to verify the functionality of his circuit under different conditions. The main activities of the device modeling engineer are the definition of test structures, the preparation of measurement instructions, the analysis, interpretation and processing of measurement data and the extraction of model parameters and subsequent implementation to the appropriate model structure. The final model has to be prepared fitting the PDK (process design kit) and it has to include all required and available parameters (e.g. Monte Carlo, Mismatch, Noise, Corners, etc…). A high level of quality awareness during the comparison of measurement data versus simulation results and a frequent verification of the actual values in the context of the device specification and EDR (electric design rules) are strongly required. Furthermore the daily business includes the communication and interaction with the process and technology departments, the PDK team and the technical support for customers and IP partners.

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Equipment Technician

  • Working area: Fab: Photolithography/Dry Etch/ Thin Film/Diffusion
  • Facility: Avezzano (Italy)
  • Job time: Full Time

LFoundry is looking for Equipment Technician profile. The working area of employment is our Semiconductor Manufacturing Fab (Solid State IC Production and Development). People in this position work with the Leaders of the specific engineering and production module (Photolithography/Dry Etch/ Thin Film/Diffusion)  and will be involved in some of the activities listed below: 
To collect and analyze the equipments data To analyze the residual risk related to the process and equipments integration (FMECA/FMEA);
To conduct the failure analysis of the integration between process and equipments, if possible identifying predictive signals;
To elaborate and monitoring the KPI referred to the equipments;
To analyze the maintenance costs To verify that the critical consumable and spare parts are in inventory;
To redact the preventive maintenance procedures according to the manual of use and maintenance;
To perform actions of preventive and corrective maintenance;
To perform troubleshooting activities;
To identify the necessary parts performing PM;
To optimize the consumables;
To perform quality report about process, equipment and lots (SPC, DTS, etc.);
To collaborate in recipe management, Sigma, TIMS (APC, FDC);
To write tracking and QDR

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