“Characterization by Raman Spectroscopy of Si wafer implanted with typical CIS Photodiode Implantation processes.”

  • Working area: Physical & FA LAB
  • Facility: Avezzano (Italy)
  • Job time: Internship/thesis

Ion implantation is one of the main techniques for selective doping of semiconductors, as it provides good control on dopant concentration and profile. However, the implantation process damages the crystal structure even leading to total amorphization depending on the type of ion and implantation conditions. Post implantation annealing treatments are necessary to achieve lattice recovery and electric activation of the dopants. Residual defects concentrations after annealing process could still be detrimental for some kind of devices such as CMOS Imager Sensor (CIS).  For these reason one of the main topics for improve CIS performances is to fully characterize the Photodiode implantation processes in terms of residual lattice defect and species activation.  Therefore, Raman scattering emerges as the most useful nondestructive technique to assess lattice recovery with capability of monitoring and characterizing

Thesis Scope: Utilize Raman spectroscopy to characterize the status of photodiode silicon lattice after implant and anneal in order to highlight possible process deviations and demonstrate in line and offline (PFA) photodiode quality control capability.   Thesis duration:   6 or 9 months. To agree with the mentor. 
Required Student background:    
- in solid state physics or material science 
Required Student Competencies:    
- knowledge of semiconductor electronic physics 
- knowledge of matter structure and properties of materials micro/nano structured 
- Knowledge of vibrational spectroscopy and in particular Raman Spectroscopy 

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