LFoundry S.r.l.

Environment - Our Responsibility

Environment, Health and  Safety: key elements of our company

To minimize the ecological impact of our semiconductor production, LFoundry is actively committed to environmental protection, including preventive measures. All our business activities are driven by a strong sense of responsibility for our environment, as well as for the health and the safety of our employees.

For this, an Environmental Management System under DIN ISO 14001:2004 standard has been established. But active environmental protection does not just make demands on us it brings great benefits to the company such as, for instance, reduced energy consumption, reduced waste-disposal cost, a minimum consumption of chemicals and process gases, enhanced legal compliance and the possibility of identifying saving potentials.

In the area of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), a management system has been implemented that provides a framework for OHS responsibilities.The OHS system enables its users to specify processes that improve OHS activities continuously, and help to meet statutory requirements.

Environmental Policy

LFoundry commits to a responsible environmental management to contribute to the conservation of an environment worth living in.

All our business activities are aligned with our environmental guidelines:
  • LFoundry staff at all operational levels and the corresponding occupation is aware of their specific responsibilities for the environment and act accordingly.
  • We consider reducing the environmental impacts, which products will have throughout the entire life cycle, from the R&D and design stages, to production, logistics, use and disposal.
  • We feel committed to comply with all environmental laws and agreements and to supervise them. In this objective, we will include our contractors and suppliers.
  • Besides working with a view to raise the environmental awareness of our employees, we support local projects that serve the preservation of the environment.
  • When environmental problems arise as a result of our business activities, we will take appropriate steps to minimize the environmental impacts, and disclose accurate information about that immediately. For this purpose the best available technology under consideration of the economical situation shall be used.
  • We practise an active exchange of information with the relevant authorities and the public.
  • We strive to improve our environmental performance continuously, so we undergo our processes and measurements to periodical audits and assessments.