LFoundry S.r.l.

LFoundry announces 2011 Financial Guidance

 Munich, Germany, November 11th, 2011 LFOUNDRY, LFoundry today announced that LFoundry Rousset, its French subsidiary based in Rousset, has achieved 46M Euros revenues for the first 6 months of its 2011 fiscal year ending 30 September, above expectations, and has confirmed its objective to exceed 100M Euros revenues for the whole fiscal year ending in March 2012.  LFoundry Rousset however anticipates some demand slowdown in 2012 due to the economical crisis.   Since its creation in June 2009, LFoundry Rousset has been investing in the development of new and innovative technologies, targeting added value applications such as Smart Card, Defense & Aerospace, Automotive and Energy Management. With the support of strong partners, the company has set an ambitious development plan and expects to hit the 150M Euros mark within the next 3 years.   In opposition of recent publications, LFoundry Rousset has not been endangered by the closure of the another fab, legally not in the LF Group, located in Landshut, and will continue to execute its development plan with the highest confidence ; the company is claiming that it is encouraged by recent agreements with new customers and strategic partners   LF Rousset will make more announcements in the next few weeks about its strategy and its successes.  

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