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More Than Moore

What is "More than Moore"?

Moore’s Law describes the long-term trend for computing hardware complexity. Gordon Moore’s 1965 observation was: The number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit approximately doubles every two years.

The digital arena lends itself to scalability in accordance with Moore’s law and this trend appears to be on target for at least the next decade.
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LFoundry understands that analog does not scale well for many components. For example,
a capacitor cannot be shrunk without new dielectric materials. The same is true for inductors. High voltage devices and power devices have self-defining sizes, dictated by the laws of physics and they scale poorly. The majority of analog applications fall in the technology node of 0.13-micron and above.

LFoundry knows that by using a well-characterized, IP-rich semiconductor technology, high value can be achieved to the silicon by greatly enhancing the analog content while still benefiting from the efficiencies of integrated digital-signal processing.

Other “More than Moore” benefits offered by LFoundry include more efficient use of silicon, as the Analog / Digital interface no longer needs to be taken out via I/O pads. The result is lower noise, better reliability, reduced packaging/test costs and decreased circuit real-estate.